Our Team

The head members of TMF, who Founded the clan, run the website, and overall make sure things run smoothly within the clan.


Our Founders


Dark (left) and Striker (right)

Father and son duo that founded TMF back in 2004.


Pappy (left)

Pappy was one of the first members to join TMF.

Clan Leader



Pennsylvania, United States - TMFTP joined TMF alongside Council Members GreatOverlord and StJonnie in 2007 under the name GameFreak. Joined TMF to open arms with the existing members glad to have their ranks swell. He had left for a number of years when he was at school, but was graciously welcomed back when school had completed.

TMFTP is a full time IT technician and holds a Bachelors degree from Penn State University in Information Sciences and Technology. He has ambitions to obtain an MBA as well to further his career.

Council Members



Pennsylvania, United States - Panda is one of our longest standing members. She is one of our council members, joining the clan not long after her father, Dark had the clan founded and growing steadily.



Pennsylvania, United States - GreatOverlord joined TMF alongside fellow Council Member StJonnie, and the current Clan Leader, TMFTP. All 3 had attempted to run their own clan prior to joining TMF, named Mission District, but felt that TMF was a better fit for them and decided to have TMF absorb the old clan, swelling the ranks considerably.



Belgium - Originally from Pennsylvania, United States. Lived in Hawaii, but currently in Belgium. Joined TMF in 2007 alongside GreatOverlord and TMFTP.



Pennsylvania, United States - KnobBob is a relatively new member to the clan, joining only a few years ago at the request of GreatOverlord and StJonnie. He quickly rose through the ranks to settle in as a Council Member.



Texas, United States - Joined TMF not long after its formation, and having a grasp on maintaining the servers and services TMF used to operate over the years.